How I Lost 28 POUNDS of FAT and 6 INCHES Off My Waist

This details how I lost over 28 pounds of fat, several inches all over my body, and 6 inches from my waist alone over the course of 6 months through diet changes and exercise. It goes over the rough meal plan I followed, types of workout routines I did, and other things I learned to help me lose the weight. My goal was firstly health, but also aesthetic.

I know this video is super long, but I didn’t want to cut out necessary explanation, or the moments early on where I struggled- too often I think these fitness videos online don’t paint an accurate picture of how difficult it is to really change bad health habits, and I don’t want anyone else going through big changes to think they’re alone in that regard.

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If you’re looking to feel healthier and you take only one thing away from this video, try eating no sugar for a for few months.