Full Arm Day Workout (BICEPS & TRICEPS!)

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When a childhood friend comes to town, that means it’s time to get in a good old fashioned arm day and film it for the ‘tube.

The workout consist of 3 exercises for biceps, followed by 3 exercises for triceps with 4 sets of each and by the end of this workout, you arms should be completely obliterated if you did it right.

1st: Alternating Dumbbell Curls –
Make sure you are focusing on keeping your elbow in the same spot during the curl and you’re not letting it drag forward. If it drags forward, you will not be able to bring the weight all the way to the top without losing tension. Also, make sure you are not bouncing with your knees to the cheat the weight up. Make it one fluid motion.

2nd: Incline Bench Hammer Curls –
When curls where you are leaning back on a bench, the focus is going to be the outer/long head of your bicep. So in order to put this into as much of a biomechanical advantageous state as possible, make sure your elbow is always positioned behind your body, therefore putting your bicep into a deep stretch. Then as you curl the weight up, make sure you don’t allow your elbow to come forward so that you can isolate that outer head as much as possible.

3rd: Wide Grip Cable Curls –
Finishing off biceps, we do a short/inner head focused exercise. With biceps, wide grip focuses on the inner head, close grip focuses on the outer head. So make sure your hands are spread apart and make sure your elbows don’t flare out as much as your hands. You want your elbows down at your side and your forearms out at an angle. Then squeeze the weight up to the top, and return back down twice as slow and go into the next rep before losing tension.

4th: Close Grip Bench –
Starting off triceps, we did a compound exercise that will hit all three heads as well as a few other muscle groups. So in order to isolate your triceps as much as possible, make sure your hands are just inside of shoulder width and NO CLOSER otherwise you’ll hurt your wrists. And then make sure you are bringing the weight down to your upper abs and keeping your hands positioned directly above your elbows at all times while keeping your elbows tucked at all times.

5th: Tricep Rope Extension –
Moving on to an exercise that will focus more on the lateral/outer head of your triceps.. You want to grab the rope and the first thing you should do is take a step back. This will cancel out any loss of tension you would experience from your arms being parallel to the cable at full extension. Also, make sure you do not allow the weight to go back up too high otherwise you will lose tension at the top as well. Make it one continuous period of time under tension.

6th: Overhead Dumbbell Extension –
To finish off triceps, we will focus on isolating the long head as much as possible. With any overhead extension, you are putting your long head/the under portion of your tricep into a stretch, therefore targeting it more. With these, you want to be careful not to rest the weight at the bottom or top of the exercise and like always, make it one continuous period of tension on the triceps to finish off the workout strong.

Try this out and let me know how you like it!

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