Bikini Booty Workout ♥ Best Butt Exercises For Results – New 2017

This incredibly effective 10 minute workout is designed for you girls that are looking to tone, lift, and round your butt. If you like Brazilian Butt Lift and want to hone in on the best way to get a serious booty, you need to commit to this fitness video. You want that bubble butt, a round and perky shaped booty? Do this video every second day for two weeks and the results will be yours.

I like to call it a Beach Booty Bootcamp cause it gets your booty ready for bikini season, but also cause it burns to let you know its working.

But remember all the booty bootcamps in the world are you useless if you don’t match your exercise routine with a clean and healthy diet! What you put into your body is actually almost worth 70% of the battle… so do some googling and find out the best options for your diet… i chose a plant-based one cause im a vegan fitness girl who saw the results myself.

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And trust me, do the Pigeon Stretch in my yoga section afterwards… it will pay off in full.


Shot on the beautiful beach of Cap Maison, St. Lucia.

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Shot In Beautiful Saint Lucia
On Cap Maison

Song: Parametaphoriquement ft. Morusque
Artist: GMZ

Video Production- Mark Spicoluk