Butt Exercises for Men: Butt toning exercise machine

http://helixco.com/ Butt exercises for men aren’t necessarily all weight related. The helix is a perfect machine for men who want to tone their butts. Men can tone and exercise their #butt with the #helix. The lateral movement focuses on the lower body and legs which help tone your butt. Men who wish to make their butt look more defined, more toned and more muscular should use the helix lateral trainer. Men can exercise their butt and also get a great cardio workout.

A trade show attendee tries out the Helix Lateral Trainer and gives a testimonial: “It’s awesome. It makes you use muscles that are really hard to get to, and in a safe way.” The Helix is a new lateral trainer which means that, unlike other machines, it works the body side to side. This is an exciting advance because instead of just focusing on the muscles in your butt, you are also targeting the glutes and the inner and outer thighs—-the total leg 360 degrees. Any machine which helps you use more muscles will translate to burning more calories, which is great for weight loss. View more testimonial videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/HelixUSA/videos

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