Get a Butt Like Kim Kardashian in 4 Minutes

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To get a butt like Kim Kardashian…

You can start off by doing the butt/booty workout in the video you see here 1-to-3 times a day for 1-to-3 times a week and once that gets easy or after your first week of doing this Kim Kardashian butt workout.

You’ll need to add weight to this exercise by placing a barbell, dumbbell, or something with weights in it to add more resistance to your Kim Kardashian butt building workout.

Stretch your hip flexors ( & lower back ( before doing this 4 minute butt workout to increase range of motion and get more power for a better butt workout.

This workout is only a beginner workout and although it will give you a firmer, sexier and curvier butt…

You may or may not have to…

1. Switch up and do different butt exercises to make it bigger like Kim Kardashian plus…

2. You’ll most likely have to use more weight to add size to your butt and/or…

3.You’ll have to do a full butt workout plan for a bigger butt and these full butt workout plans to get a bigger and sexier butt like Kim Kardashian can be found here:


If you truly want to get a body or a perfect hourglass figure like Kim Kardashian I suggest You look at how to get a perfect body plan for women here: IF YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT but if skinny…

Use this plan to gain weight and get curves like Kim Kardashian:

Before you ask me if this can really give you a butt like Kim Kardashian read this success story here:

Dear Mr. Bryant…

I used to have a little flat butt, and now it’s much bigger and rounder, after about six weeks of doing some of the butt-building exercises on this site. I even got a bigger butt than my boyfriend, who is African American and used to have a much bigger and nicer butt than me. Great site, the only page I found that shows you how to get a hot body without charging anything, and without making you buy pills or lotions. This works! – UsedToBeFlatNowImNot | 06.04.09 – 1:45 pm

And read this one here:

Hi Adrian, I just want to leave a comment. I just really want to thank you for your time and effort you put into this website. I always wanted a bigger butt and thought having a flat butt was just in my genetics. I’m not saying I have a ghetto booty, but it has gotten bigger through the workouts. I was also always self-conscience about my flat butt. Now I have a better self-esteem. Thanks So Much!! The world need more selfless people like you!! -sylver | 04.16.09 – 3:44 pm

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