Why Your Butt Won’t Grow: 3 Exercises to Wake Up Your Sleepy Butt

A lot of people message us saying “Even though I am doing deadlifts, squats, and lunges, my butt won’t grow!”. Most of the time the issue is people can’t connect with their glutes and can’t get their butt to fire. The first indicator of this is that you can’t feel your butt when you are doing exercises, and muscles like your quads are taking over. But, some people can feel their butt working but can’t seem to make it grow.

The first exercise is the floor bridge. How you do the floor bridge is the most important part of preforming the exercise.

Set Up For Floor Bridge:
– Lay on back
– Knees bent at 45 degree angle
– KEY: Take Low Back and Press It Into The Ground
– Engage core
– Lift butt up by driving through your heels, squeeze your glutes, and keep abs tights

The next exercise works both the glutes and the hamstrings. The hamstrings are a great way to engage the rest of your butt because when one is working, the other is probably working as well.

Set up for the Single Leg Toe Touch:
– Get on one foot
– Hinge at the hips
– Move your foot back
– Keep back straight

The next exercise is the chair squat. This helps your connect with your glutes and get good control while preforming a squat.

Set up for the Chair Squat:
– Grab a bench or a chair
– Sit down and keep ankles in line with knees
– Using your butt and core sit up from squat position
– Once this is easy bring one leg up and keep other neutral, so you can use one side of the glutes.

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