5 Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat – ONLY 5 MIN!

These are 5 exercises to help reduce belly fat in only 5 minutes. This workout is for those of you that want to lose weight and get a flat belly / stomach fast. This is an excellent workout for men & women to lose stubborn belly fat at home. If you’re looking for a quick weight loss workout that doesn’t take a lot of time this is it.
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If you want to burn stubborn fat in the fastest way possible then I highly recommend that you watch this video because today I’m going over 5 exercises that’ll burn fat during and long after your workout. And the best part is that it’ll only take you 5 minutes. If that sounds good to you then let’s get started. This routine can be used by itself or the way that I like for my clients to do it is as a finisher at the end of their weight training workouts. Today I’ll show you both ways you’ll be able to do it as a standalone workout or you can do it after your weight training workout. Weight training is an anaerobic activity that primarily uses glucose for energy. By doing weight training before doing this 5 minute circuit you can burn through all the stored glycogen in your liver and your muscles and then you have an open pathway to your fat stores. This quick workout is referred to as a finisher because it’s meant to do exactly what it sounds like. When you combo this with a proper eating plan and by positioning this after weight training or even after a cardio workout you can bet you’re going to burn significantly more fat. Rather than count reps all 5 exercises are done in intervals. Each exercise is done for 60 seconds straight before moving on to the next. With this finisher you’re not taking any breaks until you’re fully done with all five minutes. Like I said it’s called a finisher for a reason. So for the very first exercise we’re using battle ropes. If you don’t have access to battle ropes don’t worry I’m going to give you another exercise you can do instead. But for this exercise you would start by holding the ropes in your hands and slightly squatting down with your hips back and your chest straight up. Bump your hips forward as you raise both arms and ropes over your head. Then bring the ropes back down to slam them as hard as you can into the ground. As you’re coming down to slam the ropes bring your hips back to assist in this full body movement. Repeat this three times and once you do 3 slams bring the ropes to the ground. Next Plant your hands on the ground and jumped out into a push-up position keeping your shoulder blades tailbone and your heels in a straight line. So make sure that you’re not dropping your hips down to the ground and also make sure that your hips aren’t coming up into a downward dog position. From that position perform a push-up or if it’s too difficult you can drop to your knees and perform a push-up from there. Once done with the push-up hop your feet back in stand up and perform three more slams with the ropes. Then go back to the push-up. Repeat this again and again 4 1 one minute straight. and try to count how many reps you can get within that minute because the next time that you do this workout you want to try to get more reps within the minute. If you don’t have access to battle ropes which most gyms nowadays will have them but if you don’t you can just do regular burpees instead. This is pretty much the second half of the movement that we just went over. You would just plant your hands on the ground jump out into a push-up position perform a push up pop your feet back in and jump up. If you don’t have the battle rope then I want you to do those burpees with weights in your hands to make it more challenging. The next exercise that you’re going to move right into without a break is the split squat jump. This is also commonly referred to as Plyometrics lunges. To perform this exercise start by stepping far forward with one foot while keeping the other foot planted behind you up on your toes. If you don’t step far enough forward you’ll know because your knee will be going past your front toe on that front leg. You want to be far enough for word to create a box between your legs as you go down for your lunge. The other thing to keep in mind is that you don’t only want distance between your front and your back foot vertically but you also want distance horizontally. I see too many people trying to do lunges at the gym trying to keep both their feet in a straight line. However this is wrong because you want your feet hip distance apart horizontally this will help you maintain balance and also decrease the chances of an injury. Once you have the proper position keep your back straight and vertical while dropping your back knee straight down and bending your front knee to lower yourself to the ground. Right before your back knee touches the ground explode up. Jump up and switch your feet.