Vinyasa Yoga Flow – Wild Thing – Day 1 – #RoadToSelfLove Challenge

Day 1 of #roadtoselflove vinyasa yoga challenge.
In this vinyasa yoga flow class we prepare our front & back body to enter wild thing pose. You can get access to longer version of this class on my Patreon & Playbook channels. You get more time to prepare for the peak pose and more variations of the peak pose to try.

During this challenge we deepen our backbends, balance out heart chakra energy, open the heart for self love & self acceptance & win prizes! We stretch our back, chest, shoulders. All levels welcome, listen to your body , rest when needed, take modifications. Focus on the journey & sensations!

You can qualify for daily and end of challenge prizes by following the simple rules.

CHALLENGE RULES (MAR 11- MAR 29), check all updates on my Instagram @_kristinamatskevich:

1. do the class and post a picture or video of the PEAK pose (wild thing or variation) on Instagram using #roadtoselflove hashtag & tagging me and sponsors. When you post your pic or video write in the caption about how you feel after the class, if the pose was accessible to you , anything your want to share

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4. follow & if you become a winner send them a pic with your bottle in a yoga pose ( once you receive it )

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The rules are very simple, the classes & prizes are awesome! Find a friend to do this challenge with & tag a friend ! My backbends got so much deeper while I was recording this program, your’s will too!!!

Cant wait to see all of your #roadtoselflove journeys!

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