Yin Yoga & Affirmations for Success – 30 min Yin Yoga Full Class

This is a sample class from my full Yin Yoga & Affirmations series exclusive to my members-only mobile app and website. 💎 Get the rest of the classes and meditations here 📱 FREE TO DOWNLOAD 👉🏼 http://bit.ly/ywkmobile

Hey yogis, I wanted to offer you one of the six exclusive classes from my brand new Yin Yoga & Affirmations series on the Yoga with Kassandra mobile app, which also has 6 guided affirmation meditations.

This 30 minute yin yoga class focuses on the theme of success. Whether you’re aiming for success in your career, relationships or well-being, we’ll use yin yoga poses and positive affirmations to uncover any negative blockages that might be holding you back from achieving what it is that you want. I always recommend that students keep a journal close by to note down whatever came up for them.

If you enjoyed this practice, I highly recommend getting the full program!

In the bundle you’ll find 6 full length yin yoga and affirmation classes:
– Yin Yoga and Affirmations for Success (30 min)
– Yin Yoga and Affirmations for Intuition (30 min)
– Yin Yoga and Affirmations for Confidence (40 min)
– Yin Yoga and Affirmations for Healing The Inner Child (45 min)
– Yin Yoga and Affirmations for Abundance (60 min)
– Yin Yoga and Affirmations for Love & Compassion (60 min)

Each yoga class will also be accompanied by a guided audio positive affirmation meditation to help you connect with the theme.

Affirmations are a wonderful tool for practicing shadow work and uncovering wounds that need a little bit of healing. It’s a tool I’ve been using in meditation and yoga for years now and am so happy that so many of you have connected with this practice!

As a student, all you need to do is listen to the affirmations stated and repeat them to yourself a few times. Notice what your initial reaction to a statement is. Some will feel really good while others will cause some resistance within you. Maybe your body tenses up or you start an internal dialogue thinking of all the reasons why this affirmation isn’t true for you. Whatever the case may be, your job is simply to witness this unfolding and after the yin yoga class or meditation, you can journal about it. Note down which affirmations felt natural and which felt foreign. It could be that the affirmations which were harder to hear are showing you areas in your life that need a bit of healing and special attention.

This is a powerful series and I can’t wait to share it with you! It is only available in the Yoga with Kassandra member’s platform outside of YouTube. ✨You can join by CLICKING HERE: http://bit.ly/ywkmobile or going to the app store on your phone and downloading the Yoga with Kassandra mobile app.✨ With the app you can stream or download more than 250+ classes, use the in-app calendar to track and schedule classes, get access to new monthly calendars and SO MUCH MORE 📱 http://bit.ly/ywkmobile

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