Yoga For Balance And Stability – Bakasana For Beginners, Crow Pose Arm Balance

Join me in this yoga for balance and stability class. In this class we will be going through steps on how to do the Crow Pose arm balance. Enjoy this 18 minute vinyasa flow yoga class to improve your balance through different poses including Bakasana or the Crow Pose. This routine that includes doing the crow pose is great for beginners who want to work on their balance. 🔥 Join the Full Kali Experience 🔥

This yoga for balance class focuses on balancing poses to build focus, core strength, and better control of your body’s stabilizer muscles. Also in this class we will be having a quick but extremely useful tutorial on how to do crow pose arm balance. Bakasana is a Hatha Yoga arm balance that challenges the mind body connection in the most fun way and strengthens the core. It is also known as the Crane pose, this yoga posture strengthens the arms, the wrist muscles, our upper and lower backs and the abdominal muscles.

The Crow Pose asana also teaches us of the importance of integration in our postures. We work to create a full body experience to fly in our posture. Crow pose is an amazing posture to return to again and again and to practice consistently for inspiration and a reminder to focus on the practice. Breathe deep, take your time and enjoy the journey!


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