Hi Everyone! 🤗Im finally back with my official “WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS!🎄 VIDEO🤗 I know Im a few days late but it’s okay because Im able to share with you EVERYTHING I had received for Christmas from my relatives and grandparents that you have not seen in my other video of me opening gifts at home. My family and I usually celebrate Christmas at my grand parents house and we do gift exchanges there. Plus a lot of you had requested me to film this seperate video, so it all works out 😊🎁
DISCLAIMER- this video is not meant to make anyone feel bad, this is a requested video and I don’t mind filming this for everyone who enjoys watching these types of videos because I like to watch them as well. If you don’t like to see what people receive for Christmas, please try not to watch. I have other videos you might enjoy instead like the series I had filmed with Justice called Holiday Heroes ☺️ You can click on the playlist here 👇🏻

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