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10 Minute FAT BURNING HIIT Workout | FORCE Your Belly Fat To Melt for 24 Hours AFTER

You know why their is a GOLD POT at the end of the Workout Progress Bar? Because this 10 Minute HIIT WORKOUT will burn fat for up to 24 hours AFTER doing it and BOOST testosterone, so you MIGHT just get LUCKY! haha

10 Minute FAT BURNING HIIT Workout | FORCE Your Belly Fat To Melt for 24 Hours AFTER



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10 Minute HIIT WORKOUT For Fat Loss (Burns Fat For Up to 24 Hours AFTER!)

10 Minute HIIT Workout
-This Workout WILL Burn Extra Calories For up to 24 Hrs Post Workout
-Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber Training = FAT LOSS + SHREDDING
-If You want an 8-week program check SCIENCE OF ABS (In Bio)
-PS – This workout ALSO Boosts Testosterone (So You WILL Get Laid, just like I Did – haha)

“Bounding Sprinterval”
2 Sets | 30 Seconds Rest
Bound for 10 Seconds, Sprint for 10 Seconds

“D Up Jordan Sprinterval”
30 Seconds Bicycle Crunch THEN..
15 Seconds Defensive Slide into a 15 Second Sprint
2 SETS | 30 Seconds Rest

“Leap Up Sprintervals”
30 Seconds X’s + O’s Abdominals
15 Seconds Leap Ups into a 15 Second Sprint
2 Sets | 30 Secs Rest
Maximum INTENSITY Sprints
15 Second Sprint
Sets | 2
Rest | 20 Seconds

Have Fun Burning Fat + GETTING LAID!!!! This is my favorite HIIT Workout for fat loss and will supercharge your metabolism.

PS – This 10 minute fat burning HIIT Workout requires NO EQUIPMENT!

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