10 Minute Home Belly Fat Burning Workout (No Equipment Fat Burner)

So you think you it’s not possible to burn fat by working out at home in under 10 minutes?

Let me prove you otherwise and show you an amazing high intensity workout that you can do without any equipment needed that’s going to burn belly fat, chest fat, thigh fat, and all the fat around your body.

The point of this home fat burning workout is to get you to sweat and challenge yourself to the point where you body has no choice but to burn the fat off of your stomach and other areas that seem to be stubborn to burn off.

We start off this home workout by doing mountain climbers which is an awesome exercise for burning side fat and getting your six pack to show. It’s like hitting two birds one stone with this exercise. We are building your six pack abs while burning the fat around your belly to make them show even more.

After doing mountain climbers to burn off some fat, we will move on to the next exercise which is jumping jacks. This exercise is used in the military because clearly it is an amazing exercise for burning fat and getting leaner. It doesn’t require any equipment or any fancy way. It’s pure simple and effective for losing belly fat.

We are halfway through this fat burner killer of a workout. Here is where we rest for a minute and then move on to the next 2 fat burning exercises.

The third exercise that we are going to be doing to burn fat off, is the gold ol burpees. A combination of strength training and high intensity. It is probably the hardest of them all, so prepare yourself to sweat and burn off every bit of fat.

The last exercise that you can do at home to lose weight without a single equipment is sprints. This is just amazing to strengthen your ab muscles and get your cardio and stamina better. But it is also very effective to burn off your belly fat.

These 4 fat burning exercises combined with proper diet is going to transform your body!

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