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30 Minute Sandbag Workout – Total Body Blast for Fat Burning, Strength & Power

Sandbag workouts using big compound moves are a great alternative to repetitive cardio and can be done in a very small space.

Compared to cardio they have the added benefit of adding strength endurance into your workout so you get to work two energy systems at one time.

That means you get to burn a whole load of extra calories after the workout for up to 24-48 hours.

That all helps if you’re looking to show that six pack or lose weight effectively. That and the proper diet of course 🙂

Plus sandbags are a lot safer to use, than kettlebells, barbells or dumb-bells!

Do one round of all the exercises and you’ve completed the workout!

Or pick and choose from the 20 exercises to tailor your own workout.

Take no more than 10-30 secs rest between exercises for maximum calorie burn and strength endurance effect.

Bag weight here is 30kg for most of the exercises and 50 kg for the deadlift type moves.

However my advice would be to start off light if you haven’t used sandbags before, 10-15 kg’s guys or 5-10kg’s ladies till you see how you feel. Then up the weight. Concentrate on form rather than reps till you nail the moves.

Don’t have a sandbag, make your own from an old sports holdall or from a polypropylene rubble sack and army kit bag. Plenty of youtube vids on that.

Good luck and ask me any questions if you’re in doubt about any of the moves. And please share

My other Sandbag vids so far:

#Fitnessgeezer 56 yrs and getting stronger 🙂


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