Fat Burning Workouts

4 Fat Burning Cardio Workouts

4 Fat Burning Cardio Workouts

The 30 Minute 30s

Set a timer for 30 seconds of work and move right from one exercise to the next. Do not rest between exercises or rounds. Complete 4 rounds through a circuit before resting 2 minutes and moving on to the next circuit. Beginners can start with fewer rounds or even rest up to 1 minute between rounds.

30 seconds Knee Tuck Bulldog
30 seconds 5 Way Squat Lunge
30 seconds Oblique Twist High Knees
30 seconds Inchworm Mountain Climbers
30 seconds Two-Way Plank Jacks

30 seconds Squat Burpee
30 seconds Diagonal Skater Hops
30 seconds Down-Down Up Hop
30 seconds Plank Hop Overs
30 seconds Forward Hop with Back Pedal

30 seconds Skier Hop Burpee
30 seconds 180 Snowboard Hops
30 seconds Half Burpees with Push Up
30 seconds Crawl with Sit Thru
30 seconds Squat Jacks

The 7s

Complete 7 rounds of 7 reps of all 7 moves. Rest only as needed and try to complete it as fast as possible. Record your time to beat next time!

7 reps Skier Hop Burpee
7 reps Knee Tuck Bulldog
7 reps Half Burpee with Push Up
7 reps Double Pulse Squat Jumps
7 reps Inchworm Mountain Climbers
7 reps Squat Burpee
7 reps Plank Hop Overs

The 15-Minute Slider Cardio Blast

Set a timer for 15 minutes and complete as many rounds of the slider circuit below as possible in that time, resting only as needed.

10 reps Slider Burpees
10 reps per side Slider Lunge Run
10 reps per side Slider Mountain Climbers
10 reps Slider Plank Jacks

The 20/20/20 Full Body Burner

Complete 5 rounds of each circuit, working for 20 seconds on each move before resting for 20 seconds between rounds. Once all 5 rounds are complete, rest 1-2 minutes and move on to the next circuit. Beginners may start with 3 or 4 rounds.

20 seconds Alternating Single Leg Burpee
20 seconds Diagonal Skater Hops
20 seconds Rest

20 seconds Down-Down Up Hop
20 seconds Half Burpees with Push Up
20 seconds Rest

20 seconds 5 Way Squat Lunge
20 seconds Plank Hop Overs
20 seconds Rest

20 seconds Slider Burpees
20 seconds Slider Mountain Climbers
20 seconds Rest

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