Fat Burning Workouts

40 Fat Burning HIIT Workouts! MY NEW HIIT GUIDE

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Hey my friends! I hope this answered any questions you might have had about HIIT. Please comment down below if you have any more questions!

SAMPLE WORKOUT (20min workout time):

5 min warm up, light cardio, dynamic stretching (see my warm up video for ideas!)
1. Lunge chop (30s on, 30s off) x 3
2. Scissor run (30s on, 30s off) x 3
3. Rest 60s
4. Down dog with knee drive (30s on, 30s off) x 3
5. Plank jack shoulder taps (30s on, 30s off) x 3
6. Rest 60s
7. Squat with hip rotation (30s on, 30s off) x 3
8. Alternating lateral taps (30s on, 30s off) x 3
5 min cool down

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