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60 Minute KILLER COMPOUND WORKOUT | Fat Burning Workout 🔥🔥

60 Minute Killer Compound Workout – In today’s workout, we are doing multi muscle, multi joint actions by doing all compound exercises. I have 20 different exercises for you that we are going to go through 3 times! This is fatiguing, and yet has very little active cardio elements. The reason for this is that you are elevating the heart rate, by using multi muscles and joint n each compound movement. And, when we do that, we burn more body fat! Grab your dumbbells and join me in this long 1 hour compound workout.
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You will need: a variety of dumbbells

Format: 20 exercises/3 rounds 45 sec work/15 sec rest
Front lunge lateral raise
Burpee bicep curl
Plank row to rotation
Plank dumbbell pull
Updown plank to walk out
Clean and press
Reverse lunge to twist press
Squat to halo
V sit flutter kick
Plank jack shoulder tap
Tricep chest press to shallow overhead tricep ext
180 degree wrist turn front raise to reverse lunge
Dumbbell deadlift to front press
Split jumps
Squat abduction shoulder press
V sit single leg drop
Bentover row to hammer curl
Plie squat to lateral raise
Arnold press wide to narrow
Side to side front lunge hop

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