Fat Burning Workouts

Beginners Fat Burning Workout | Summer’s Weight Loss Journey

So I’ve been promising this video to you all for so long and I finally got it together! This is the routine that started it all! I repeated these same workouts for the first 6 months of my weight loss journey until getting my first “Big Gym” membership.. Obviously most (if not all) these moves were much harder than I may make them look. GOOD news is there’s variations/modifications for pretty much everything I showed you in this video.
My current workouts are a bit more intense with HIIT incorporated as I am still doing my best to get the rest of this extra baby weight off as well as lose a total of about 25-30 more lbs before getting my skin removed. Gotta work on my back fat too👀😂. I know y’all peeped it like i did! Lol

Drop #Day1flex in the comments if you want to see more workout videos! love you guys.

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