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Best Full-Body Workout ♥ Fat Burning Calorie Destroyer


This ten minute full body workout is for beginners & intermediates.

I created this workout to work on stomach definition, slimming thighs, and to round and lift your butt. There is no secret to a getting fit, anyone can do it… it just takes targeted exercise, diet, and dedication. I recommend you try this video twice a week for two weeks, or combine it with my other booty and lower body videos for best results.

This 10 min workout targets all the areas of your body that you need to get your confidence soaring! A complete body workout that strengthens your stamina with this non stop, calorie burning, full body toning class. Grab a mat, find some space and lets sweat! πŸ™‚

Remember, the workout is only a small piece of the puzzle. It has to be matched with a clean diet to see results.
I chose a plant-based diet cause I am a vegan fitness girl and i have seen and felt the results of that kind of dietary choice first hand. Whatever your choice is, read up and educate yourself of whats best for you, and keep it as healthy and natural as possible!


Shot at the Xanadu Villa in Cap Estate, St. Lucia.


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Shot In Beautiful Saint Lucia

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