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These 5 Morning Habits will help you burn fat, lose weight, and stay lean. If you have questions about how early you should wake up, if you should do a cardio workout first thing in the morning, or what to eat for breakfast then this video will definitely give you the answers you’re looking for.
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If you want to lose weight and successfully keep it off you should know that the way you start your day is very important. Let’s say For example you take some bad advice and make the mistake of having a tall glass of orange juice first thing every morning, you’re gonna find it a lot harder to lose any weight at all. But just like there’s mistakes that you can make that’ll slow your weight loss and even make you gain weight, there’s are also things you can do every morning to speed up your fat loss and exponentially increase your chances of actually keeping that weight off. So Today I want to give you guys the 5 most effective things that you should be doing every day right after you wake up to help you burn fat faster. And first I want to start with breakfast. A few years ago breakfast was known almost unanimously as “the most important meal of the day.” and mainstream fitness programs and diet plans would never even suggest the idea of skipping breakfast. Without breakfast it was believed that you would slow down your metabolism, lose muscle mass, and make your body more susceptible to gaining fat. However since then, other diet plans have become more mainstream and some of these plans specifically recommend that you consider skipping breakfast entirely. One of these plans for example is known as intermittent fasting and studies have shown that it’s at least just as effective for fat loss and muscle retention as other continuous energy restriction type diet plans that don’t make you skip meals. But at the same time A number of other studies have found that people that eat breakfast usually have a lower body mass index and they’re less likely to be overweight and obese than people that skip breakfast. Research has also shown that skipping breakfast may be associated with other poor diet choices. Now the problem with many of these studies that are finding a correlation between not having breakfast and having a higher bmi is that they’re observational studies, which means that it’s hard to attribute the weight gain or weight loss directly to breakfast because somebody that wakes up early in the morning to have breakfast, may also be going on a daily run, eating better quality food, lifting weights at the gym more often and a number of other things that help them maintain a healthy weight. We can get much more information from a randomized control trial and luckily there was a recent met analysis that compared 13 randomized control trials on the effects of breakfast in relation to body weight and researchers concluded that adding breakfast into your diet plan may do nothing in terms of helping you lose weight and in fact adding in breakfast might cause you to gain weight. In this systematic review they found that breakfast eaters consumed more daily calories.


Study talks about “breakfast being most important meal of the day”:

Systematic review: Intermittent fasting just as effective as other diets for fat loss and muscle preservation:

Breakfast, Especially A Big Breakfast Can Help With Maintaining a Healthy BMI:

Skipping Breakfast May Lead to Other Poor Diet Choices;

Breakfast Can Slow Weight Loss Rather Than Promote Weight Loss:

High Protein Breakfast Lowers Ghrelin (hunger hormone) better than High carb breakfast:

Swedish Study Finds Apple Cider Vinegar increase satiety, and lowers blood glucose and insulin levels after a high carb meal

Exercise is paramount for weight loss maintenance:

Fat Oxidation Increased for 24H When Exercise is Performed Before Breakfast

It takes 66 Days to Create a Habit:

Weighing yourself daily, weekly, or monthly:

Systematic Review Showing 11/12 Studies Favor Weighing Yourself More Often:

Eating Outside the Home leads to eating more calories and higher fat intake:

If you eat more home cooked meals the less likely it is that you will be overweight:

🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge: http://bit.ly/lose-fat102

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