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Jumoke Hill (@jumokehill) – Reigning from the San Francisco Bay Area, Jumoke Hill, has grown up all around music. His journey into singing started from a very young age.
Jumoke Hill began his singing career in 1999 we he entered his first singing competition “California Teen Vocalist Championships” from there he went on to win 3 silver medals in the “World Championships Of Performing Arts” in Los Angeles, 1st Place Male vocalist at the “Usa World Showcase” MGM Grand, and many many more..

Within the past 5 years, Jumoke has performed throughout the United States at school venues and major theatre venues. Grown his youtube channel to over 15,000 Subscribers and 2,000,000+ video views. Wherever he goes Jumoke thoroughly enjoys indulging and expressing the art of music to people all throughout the world.

Jumoke today performs all over california and is currently working on his 3rd EP. Slated to be released late 2016.

“I live, breathe, sleep music. Singing is my voice in the world. The fact that i can sing a song and know that someone, somewhere in the audience is possibly being uplifted by my voice is amazing. I’ll never stop.. I can’t, music is me and i am music. ” – Jumoke Hill.

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