Fat Burning Workouts

Lose Weight In One Month – Intense Fat Burn Workout At Home

It’s time to burn some calories! This quick workout will help you lose weight and burn fat in one month! For this work, you’ll need to exercise 4-5 days per week, with no exception!

As always, you can expect body weight exercises you can easily do at home. Some exercises (like Burpees) are a bit more challenging than my normal exercises that I use for a workout – but you still must do them!

Even if it’s too hard for you, try to do as many as you can. If the workout says you must do 8, and you can only do 3 – then you do just 3.

Leave me a comment below the video to tell me how you feel after doing this workout, and if you were able to complete the entire training.

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Good luck! ❤️💪

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