Fat Burning Workouts

New 15 Minute Fat Burning Workout from Zeus Fitness – Increased intensity

This workout: In this workout we are smashing another awesome real-time 15 minute Fat burning Home Workout. Again no equipment needed. Just yourself a bit of space at home

The exercises –

Warm Up & Dynamic Stretches – Part 1

Alternate Lunges
Alternate Lunge with chest stretch
Alternate Lunge with chest stretch & shoulder press
Prisoner Squats
Spot Sprints
Push Up
high Knees
Butt Kicks

Full Body Work – part 2:

Tuck Jumps
Walking Push Ups
V Crunches

Full Body Work – Part 3:

Alternate Jumping Lunges / Scissor Lunges
Chair Tricep Dips
Pull Over Crunches


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