Fitness Journey

I Just want to post this for a simple fact that THIS is what makes me wake up everyday and know my worth and my strengths and weaknesses. All my life I had to work extremely hard for what I wanted and it’s been something I have to overcome. When I was in highschool I wanted to be part of varsity cheerleading so bad that I knew I had to do the impossible and the impossible I did. My coaches told me “Cassidy your going to have to get a tuck to be on the team that’s the only way” I’m thinking okay I’m going to work extra hard focus and get this tuck and tryouts came and I did it. I overcame an obstacle that set me apart from others and that was a huge moment for me, I had to go though tears and pain to get where I wanted to be. Lately I feel like everything in my life is happening for a reason and it’s just making me a stronger person and building me up for the future. when I was growing up everything just came very natural to my sister sydney and she just made everything look easy weather it was gymnastics,school etc. She was my role model someone I strived to be growing up. When we were little everyone got taught how to ride a bike but me I decided to get on myself fall 1000 times and finally I started to ride all by myself with no teacher at all. Competing in a competition 10 weeks out and working up to the point I did made me realize if you want something in life got to just do it I absolutely am loving my fitness journey and I cannot wait to compete again it. Little moments like that in your life reflect on the person you become I believe. Be a go-getter work hard at everything you do even if someone tells you that you’re not good enough be strong be independent don’t look for others to give you a steppingstone be the best version of yourself. I hope this message makes everyone realize that they’re worth so much more because these moments in my life have changed me as a person forever. #bikinicompetitor @amyllinas @center_stage_physique @melaniadeseree @sydneymatone @goldsgym_islip @fitincentive @coach_bar1 @steff.traver