HOW I LOST 30 POUNDS // My Fitness Journey

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Hi! For those of you who are just meeting me in this video, my name is Ginny King and I share this channel with my twin sister Carrie. I am a college student living in New York City, and over the past 2 years I have completely transformed my body and lost 30 lbs, but more importantly I have build up my metabolism, changed my mindset around food, and adopted a healthy lifestyle and a love for fitness.

I started this journey literally never going to the gym AT ALL (lol), but after two years of dedication, research, and hard work, I have not only transformed my life, but I have just been hired by Equinox in New York City to be a Group Fitness Instructor.

Fitness has changed my life, and I SERIOUSLY hope this video helps to you start your own fitness journey and build your own healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for watching xx