My 4 Week Fitness Journey – TONING UP & WORKOUTS

My 4 Week Fitness Journey – TONING UP & WORKOUTS

Hey guys!
So this is a little bit of a personal one – I’m sharing my fitness journey and this is where I’ve got to in the last 4 weeks.
This is definitely a lifestyle change for me and it’s not easy adapting but with the help of my amazing PT I’m actually seeing such great results!

I’ve never done a video like this before so I’d love some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (please be kind) – I’d like to know if you like this style of fitness video, or if there’s anything I could show differently? OR if you just want/don’t want to see any more of this type of stuff on my channel!? LET ME KNOW!

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My Personal Trainer: @theironmanpt

His name is Bruce and he’s based in Central London (Holborn) however he does travel!

My Breakfast Smoothie:

20g Rolled Oats
20g Vegan Protein
1 Banana
Chia Seeds
Almond/Coconut Milk