MY FITNESS JOURNEY | How My Body Changed, Calories, Cutting, Current Fitness Goals

Hello my beautiful love bugs! 💜

This video is dedicated to looking back and shedding light on my 4 year fitness journey – oh wow have things ever changed haha! I’m really excited for my current goals for the fight for fit series. Again SORRY for the late upload on this one, I just got way too perfectionistic filming this – the lighting was awful and I had to convince myself it was good enough for YouTube lol. kk rambling too much. I hope you all enjoy I LOVE YOU MY LOVE BUGS!!!

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Hello, my name is Sarah! I’m a self-love advocate with a passion for fitness, dog memes, and almond lattes. I also recently went vegan for ethical reasons because animals mean so much to me.
I’m currently a food and health student at UBC in Vancouver. When I’m not dabbling in fitness or academic things,
I’m either modelling in the vicinity of my bathroom,
giving my dog too many treats,
watching The Office,
or perfecting my topping to froyo ratio (4:1)

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