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We had been discussing about how to be healthy…

In our last audio we had seen about the Quantity of food and How much we should consume… isn’t it. I hope it was useful.

Today we are going to see what are the types of food to be consumed. Here we are going to see the quality of food.

What to eat?

What are the types of food available now days which has got better quality?

We can categorise all the foods in 2
1. Energy giving food
2. Energy consuming food

Any Food when consumed gives us energy, the ones which provide us energy and takes very less energy from our body to digest are termed as good quality food. These are the energy giving food. The ones which takes a lot of energy to digest is termed as Energy consuming food.

Here I am going to tell you the order of food with regards to their quality.

The order of food depending on the quality would be
1. Fruits and vegetable… they rank the top when it comes to good quality
2. Sprouts – another food loaded with energy and essential vitamins and minerals
3. Cooked food – any food in the cooked form
4. Non Veg – includes any meat
5. then comes Tea, Coffee, biscuits, chocolate and other foods
6. the food which falls last in the hierarchy is Alcohol…

I am sure this would have helped you to know what food to consume more. The decision of consuming good quality food is in your hands now.

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Have healthy Life One and all.

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