Health Tips In English

Health tips 6 English

Hello one and all …

We had been discussing about how to be healthy…

Till now we have learned 5 section of health tips about food

1. Asking our stomach before intaking the food
2. How to drink our food
3. The quantity of food to be consumed
4. According to the quality how to consume the food
5. Different taste of food

In today’s audio we are going to learn how to cleans our physical body, because before intaking healthy food we have to clean the toxins from our physical body

Oil pulling is one of the step to cleanse our physical body

Oil pulling is very simple and powerful way to cleanse our physical body

Let us see how to do oil pulling

Before brushing in morning take 3 spoon of gigngly oil and keep it
in your mouth for next 20 minutes

Keep goggling
Should not exceed 20 minutes
Minimum 15 minutes maximum 20 minutes
After 20 minutes split it out

Then wait for 2 to 3 minutes

Then brush with organic tooth powder

Benefits of Oil Pulling
1. Detoxifies the body
2.It will cleanse our lungs
3. Promotes Oral Hygiene
4. Can Kill Harmful Bacteria in Your Mouth
5. Relives headaches, migraines & hangovers and more benefits

we have
And also We can do before going to bed
So lets start to cleanse our body and hv healthy food to stay healthy forever

For more details about health feel free to call me or whatsapp me on +91 9543123233

Stay healthy…Stay happy

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