10 Eating Habits For A Healthy Life

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Eating habits are those customs acquired throughout life in food, and undoubtedly have a significant influence on our health. We’ll tell you how to have a healthy life.

Sleep little, you do not play sports, take a frenetic pace … If some of these claims are true and you want to live a healthy life you may like to know that with the following 10 eating habits everything can change. To follow a balanced diet, where you eat healthy and varied is necessary to consider many aspects. However, Maribel Sanchez, Nutritionist of the Obesity Therapies team gives us some tips to consider for a healthy life. Take note of the 10 “minimum and indispensable” eating habits for a healthy living:

1. Have 5 meals a day.

The main advantage of distributing food intake in this way is that we will not get so eagerly to the next meal making us eat impulsively and more. Also, going hungry between meals causes the body to “accumulate fat” because when you are hungry “is because the body lacks food for its activities, then draw on “reserves “. From there, explained in a simple way, the body will accumulate fat in the future so in famine situations it has reserves to draw upon.

Needless to say that each of those meals should be made considering the energy expenditure that we’re going to have from that time.

The food intake should be distributed in 5 meals:

Breakfast: Breakfast strong since we have all day to burn.

Midmorning snack: Light.

Lunch: The second most important decision after breakfast.

Snack: Something light.

Dinner: Similar to lunch but lighter.
2. The Food Pyramid marks the rhythm of a healthy lifestyle.

For a healthy and balanced diet, we must follow as reference the indications of the Food Pyramid and consume them in the required amounts.

3. Fiber, Vegetables and Fruits: Mediterranean Diet.

In recent decades different studies have shown the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is based on consumption of olive oil, bread, fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, cheese, pasta, rice and eggs mainly.

4. Cereals and starches.

They are or should be the basis of our diet, are low in fat but rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. They consist mainly of carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are found in foods such as potatoes and cereals. Simple carbohydrates in ingredients such as sugar.

5. Light cooking.

Avoid sauces, stews, fried, breaded etc .. the simpler the elaboration of the food the easiest to assimilate its properties (especially with vegetables) and you will take fewer calories depending on how you cook. Meats and grilled fish, steamed vegetables or grilled, boiled potatoes rather than fried, etc .. ultimately comes to cooking less and better. Getting used to prepare dishes with the wok or steaming will help you maintain a healthy diet.

6. Limit intake of saturated fat.

You should not do without them because they are necessary for the diet but limit their consumption or at least choose unsaturated fats instead of saturated. You will be able to see this on the labels of the foods you consume, choose those with less saturated fat.

7. Run away from fast food.

Whenever possible flee ready meals, pastries, sweets etc .. and recover homemade food. Most of these foods provide large doses of saturated fat and calories so their consumption must be limited if we do not want to start to accumulate extra kilos.

8. Water.

Accompany meals with water instead of soda, alcohol etc .. it is essential if you want to lead a healthy diet. In addition, maintaining adequate hydration is necessary so drink at least 1.5 liters a day.

9. Beware of diets.

Eating all types of foods from all groups is necessary and essential for a healthy diet, so it is important not to carry out miracle diets without medical advice that eventually can damage your health. Should you need to diet always go to a professional.

10. Eat slowly, get the pleasure of eating.

Eating is a vital act to the body so eat quietly, taking your time is important. Try to eat sitting, not in any other way, and if possible avoid the rush, noise etc … is shown that eating quietly (preferably without television and of course never before a computer) is healthy for the body.

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