HEALTHY HABITS that changed my life Part 2 » Simple minimalist self care routines

HEALTHY HABITS that changed my life Part 2 » Simple minimalist self care routines // Here’s 5 healthy habits that I’ve incorporated into my routine that changed my life! And these just might be the healthy habits that will change your life as well. 🙂

Healthy daily habits can transform your life. On their own, they are small acts of mindfulness and self care. But done together, day in day out, they become so powerful. Having a healthy routine is what allows me to feel my best. After having a self care day I feel refreshed, and ready to kick but.

There’s so much information to find about having a healthy lifestyle, a healthy morning routine, and healthy habits to do everyday. Please also be mindful of the fact that no one is perfect. Habits don’t only work when you do them every day, they work when you do them MOST days. So I don’t put pressure on myself to be perfect and do these things all the time. But I do enjoy doing them most days. It’s how I take care of my physical health, my mental health and my emotional wellbeing.

Minimalism and self care fit well together. For these habits, you don’t have to buy ANYTHING. You probably already have everything you need for minimalist self care and self love. So let’s begin!

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Lots of love,
🌼 Vera

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