Low Carb Fudge │Keto Fudge │Only 5 Ingredients! ǀ Grain Free & Gluten Free ǀ Soft&Deliciously Smooth

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Attention all those with a sweet tooth – this is a great low carb keto fudge recipe which makes a whole lot which means you have these low carb keto fudge treats available for a while in your househould (that’s if you can resist eating all these low carb fudge blocks at once!!).

This keto fudge is grain free, gluten free and sugar free. It is a low carb fudge which ticks off all the boxes for those following a low carb, keto or ketogenic, banting or lchf diet/lifestyle.

This keto fudge recipe is so simple with only 5 ingredients (6 if you can count both sweetners) and is very simple to make. There is no expertise needed in the kitchen for this low carb fudge recipe. I like to showcase easy lchf fudge recipe / banting fudge recipe that people can make it home. Everyone is short on time and lengthy keto recipes are just not my thing because I don’t have the time either!! I am hoping to make your life easier by showing you my favourite low carb recipe (which are also grain free recipe and gluten free recipe) that actually work! I also always keep them sugar free, so this is a sugar free fudge recipe too!

If you guys have any questions, the Keto King is always here to answer. Simply put your questions in the comment section below and The Keto King (a.k.a The Banting Boss) will answer. I would also love to hear from you how you enjoyed this low carb keto fudge recipe. I really enjoy hearing the feedback.

Happy eating and of course, Keep it Keto!

Macros for entire batch of Low Carb Fudge:
Calories: 2010
Fat: 194g
Net Carbs: 18g (74g total carbs – 8g fiber – 48g sugar alcohol)
Protein: 23g

Macros per piece of Low Carb Fudge (assuming 30 pieces):
Calories: 67
Fat: 6.5g
Net Carbs: 0.6g (2.5g total carbs – 0.25g fiber – 1.6g sugar alcohol)
Protein: 0.75g

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