Kickboxing Workout

20-Minute Kickboxing Workout

This 20-Minute Kickboxing Workout will help you burn fat with combination moves of punches, kicks and high intensity exercises such as burpees and jump squats. It is suitable for all level of fitness. There is no warm-up component included, so please warm-up prior to starting this workout.
Workout breakdown:

First 2 exercises in each round are 1 minute long and the 3rd exercsie is 2 minutes long. There are 15 sec recovery intervals between each exercise.

Round 1: jab/cross/2 jacks
4 alt snap kicks/4 jump squats
4 jabs/4 hooks/4 upper cuts/4 snap kicks

Round 2: 2 knees/2 kicks/hit the floor
4 alt hooks/2 burpees
2 push kicks/2 lunges/grabs/4 upper cuts

Round 3: jab/cross/weave side to side
front kick/back kick/3 shuffles
2 jabs/elbow strike/2 side kicks

Round 4: jab,jab/hook, hook/body, body/4 turns
2 low roundhouse kicks/4 high knees
random punches and kicks, finish strong!

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