30 Min. Kickboxing Workout for Fitness and Fat Loss

I like running- but I don’t love it. It gets boring, my past injuries get inflamed and so on…. I love Boxing, Kickboxing, Sparring and Grappling.
So I’ve learned that the only successful way to be consistent with Cardio workouts are to enjoy them.

My Goal is to get 6 rounds of High Intensity training a few times a week. Using the clock for each round (3-5min) and timing my overall workout. (30-45min). The times help me to focus on completion when I feel like quitting, plus they are laid out in front of me so there aren’t any questions about finishing.

Now to make this useful in everyday life we need to use real sparring habits:

-Move around A Lot
-Keep your hands UP
-Block and Defend
-Control your air

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