Kickboxing Workout

30 minute Cardio Kickboxing total body workout

This 30 minute Cardio Kickboxing total body workout will get your heart pumping with combination of punches and kicks. It will tone your muscles with strength exercises using your own body weight. There are 8 rounds in this routine and warm-up is included.

Here is the breakdown:

Round 1: a.) jab/cross/hook
b.) front knee strike/rear leg snap kick
c.) squat and knee strike

Round 2: a.) jab/cross/hook/upper cut
b.) side kick
c.) back lunge and snap kick

Round 3: a.) 4 corner to corner punches/4 street punches
b.) jump kick
c.) squat and snap kick

Round 4: a.) moving forward 3 jabs/1 cross
b.) same leg front kick/back kick
c.) mountain climbers

Round 5: a.) Double jab/4 upper cuts
b.) outside kick
c.) squat/burpee/pop-up/jump up

Round 6: a.) 4 alt hooks/4 shuffles
b.) 2 jacks/2 alt snap kicks
c.) 2 slow skaters/2 shin blocks

Round 7: a.) 4 jabs/1 heels click jump
b.) 3 low round house kicks/1 squat
c.) push-up/alt knee to elbow/stand-up

Round 8: a.) 3 sideways shuffles/cross punch/4 knee strikes
b.) same leg front/side/back kick
c.) 1 min “all out” punches

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