Kickboxing Workout

40 Minute Fat Melting Cardio Kickboxing Workout | 30 Day Challenge – Day 27 | Pokémon Themed

Pow pow! We’re kicking fat to the curb with this 40 minute killer kickboxing workout! Whether you decide to add light weights with me or not, you’ll be kicking major booty, throwing punches, kicks, and working that core like crazy!

Equipment Used:
Light Dumbbells

40 seconds on/10 seconds rest


1) Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross
2) Cross, Body Hook x2, Knee
3) Chest to Ground + 2 Half Burpees

4) Knee + Front Kick + Side Kick
5) Jumping Jack Press Out + Side Raise
6) Jab, Cross, Knee x 2

7) Add On Pulse Push-Ups
8) Jab, Cross, Hook, Duck Left, Body Hook x 2
9) Jab x 2, Cross, Elbow

10) In/Out Fast Feet
11) Hook, Uppercut, Knee, Overhead
12) 10 Straight Punches + Snap Kick

13) Uppercut, Uppercut, Hook, Hook
14) Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross, Duck, Cross
15) Jab, Jab, Leg Block, Overhead

16) 3 Switch Feet + Staggered Fast Feet
17) Squat Jump + Add On 180 Tucks
18) Jab, Uppercut, Hook, Elbow

19) Squat Jump to Burpee
20) Shuttle Run + Single Leg Hop Forward, Back
21) 8 Bunny Hops + Clap Under Jump

22) JC, Upper, CJ, Upper
23) Hook, Duck Left, Hook, Cross
24) Squat Punch + Jump Punches

25) Jab, Elbow, Back Elbow, Push Kick
26) Hook, Bodyhook, Cross, Hook
27) 3 Weighted Side to Side Jumps + 4 Knee Pulls

28) 2 Bob and Weaves + Sprawl
29) Jab, Cross burnout
30) 4 Plank Jacks + 4 Squat Jacks

31) Side V-Ups + Bicycle (L)
32) Side V-Ups + Bicycle (R)
33) 5 Sumo Pulses + Diamond Jump

34) Plank Twist + Side Out
35) Push-Up + Triangle Kickout
36) Forearm Plank Punch Forward + Side

37) 10 Punching Hollowman + Reverse Crunch
38) Bicycle Crunches (speed)
39) Plank

40) Grabiel’s favorite


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