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All right, guys. Now we’re doing kick boxing footwork drills. We’re going to use an agility ladder to do so. Our first exercise is going to be high knees going down the ladder.While I’m going down, each foot is going to land on each box only once and I’m never crossing my feet. So and slow it’s going to look like this; one, two; one, two; one, two; one, two; one, two, okay? Going right back; one, two; one, two; one, two; one, two; one, two. Now are you’re getting more advanced, go a little faster. So one, two; one, two; one, two; one, two; one, two.

Now to add just a little bit more flavor to making it more kick boxing-ish, just to help you promote your jabs and everything, you’re going to do it with your hands on your chin and punch at the same time. Now we’re going to move on to the Ali shuffle. This next drill is going to help you with your switching in kick boxing. So I’m going to start off like this. One foot’s going to start up on the box and then what’s going to happen, you’re going to keep switching your feet and your hands, the opposite hand is going to be right in front.

So it’s going to look like this. In place, now we’re going to move down the ladder and whichever leg is closest to the direction you’re moving in is going to be the one leading the way. So from here, then we’re switching, we start going a little faster. Now a little bit more advanced. Hands up, we’re punching. Next exercise is going to be to build leg endurance for your kick boxing. So I’m going to start off squatted on the outside part of the ladder, all right? And then jump into the box with both feet, standing. All right, so every time you do this drill, make sure when you’re in the squatted position your arms are up, so you can keep your chest upright. And let’s do it again. Chest is up, arms are out, you’re squatted. And those are some kick boxing footwork drills.

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