5 Min Rapid Fat Loss Workout – Kickboxing Cardio ft. Mike Zhang

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Today we brought back special guest Mike Zhang to share with you an awesome Kickboxing Cardio workout for burning fat.

Mike is a former North American Muay Thai Champion and has coached professional fighters.

His goal is to share his top training secrets to help average people get healthy & fit.

Through his training you can unlock the body of a champion fighter without having to step foot inside of the ring.

Right now he’s giving special access to all of awesome our subscribers (That’s You) to his new Fat Shredder Kickboxing program “FSK12”.

But this is going away soon!
You can learn more about that here: http://bit.ly/2Em4JpF

Thanks again for Mike sharing with us this great workout.

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Big thanks to Andrea for joining us in the workout 🙂

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