Kickboxing Workout

90 Min 1000 Calorie HIIT Kickboxing Workout Day 29 60:90 Finale!

It is the finale of our 60/90 workouts! Today we are doing the finale 90 minutes 1000 calorie burn! Pure power and sweat! I am so proud of you all for making it this far so lets kill it!

Are you ready? You’ve asked for it… So here it is!
60min 90 min 500 Max Cals.

This new series will have 5 60 minute workouts with about 400-700 calorie burn depending on each person with the 6th day a whopping 90 minute workout and mad 1000 cal burn!

I will have you sweated and feeling great about yourself and what you have just accomplished after you and I have Pushed Though!

Please consult your doctor before attempting this Intense workout.

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