Kickboxing Workout

Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing Workout

This high intensity cardio kickboxing workout is fun and effective.

Level: Adaptable for all levels. Beginners to Advanced

Work Interval: Perform each exercise for :60
Rest Interval: Rest between each exercise is :00 – :60 seconds
Rounds: Beginners start with 1-3 sets/rounds Intermediate to Advanced 4 – 10 rounds

Exercises performed:
1. Jab + Cross + Hook + Triple Alternating R. House Kicks
2. Sprint Punch
3. Crazy 15 ( 4 straight punches + 4 Uppercuts + 4 Hooks + 3 L. Jabs + R Kick + Left Kick = 15 total strikes)
4. Wide-out + Alternating jabs 10 each arm and repeat.

What you will need: Heavy bag, boxing gloves & motivation
No heavy bag or gloves? Substitute for a pair of 2lb dumbbells in each hand.

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