Kickboxing Workout


Here’s another easy but highly effective heavy bag combination to learn basic punching technique, get fit and lose weight. Perfect your boxing basics and your workouts will get harder and you’ll burn more calories as you get better.

How To Make This Boxing Combination Circuit a Workout:
(Example: For Sample Only. If using, perform at own risk.)

1. Video combination above 3 minutes
2. Jump Rope (fast pace) 2 minutes
3. Bar Squats 12 reps @ 80% max or Goblet dumbbell squat 20 reps @ 80% max
4. Weighted Jumping Squat (hold medicine ball, slam ball or dumbbell 10-20 lbs) 10 – 20 reps
5. Mountain Climbers 1 min
6. Burpees 10 – 30
7. Wall sit 30 seconds – 2 minute

Repeat all 7 exercises no rest between exercises, rest 1-2 minutes, repeat 2- 5x.

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