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Heavy Bag Workout for Beginners | Kickboxing & Conditioning

If you’re looking for a simple heavy bag workout to START with, here you go! Basic punching instruction along with knee strikes and kicks to effectively strengthen your core, improve conditioning, increase total body power and shed unwanted weight.

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Strength Coach Chris Wilson goes over the fundamental punches and leg strikes you need for a total body heavy bag workout routine. If you’re new to training with a heavy bag and just looking for something to get started with, this routine will give you great results.

Some of the key points are: make a tight fist, keep your wrist strong, do not punch with 100% power – start with 25-50% power and work up from there, keep your hands up guarding your face at all times, keep rest periods short to maximize cardio effectiveness.

Here are the strikes Coach Chris covers:
How to Stand
How to Jab properly
How to throw a Cross
How to throw a Hool
How to throw a knee strike
How to do a basic kick

This routine is designed to give beginner level athletes a good quality workout, that is both fun and relatively easy to learn, but still super challenging to perform.

The Heavy Bag Workout
-30 sec rest between each exercise
-2 minutes between rounds

50 Jab/Cross Combinations
50 Alternating Hooks
50 Knee Strikes (25 per side)
50 Kicks (25 per side)

Thank you so much for watching! Please be sure to comment or leave questions below for Coach Chris or any of the coaches on the CriticalBench channel.

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