Kickboxing Workout

INTERVAL WORKOUT Kickboxing WORKOUT – Barlates Body Blitz Endurance 70 Cardio Box Sculpt

Welcome to the Endurance 70 Series. These workouts use intervals of 70 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest to build your endurance and strength to a higher level. Having the longer intervals gives you time to focus on form and getting each move perfect to maximise your results. This is a great introduction to my more advanced Endurance workouts. Your balance and coordination will be challenged and your muscles will feel the burn!

In Endurance 70 Cardio Box Sculpt you will move through a wide variety of punches, knee pulls and kicks. Some of the combinations will stay on one side for a couple of rounds then move to the other, and some combinations will utilise both sides at the same time. You won’t get bored with this workout! There are lots of repetitions with light weights to burn out your shoulders and arms. A high cardio factor workout that will leave you puffing and sweaty with a stretch at the end.

Fitness level: intermediate/advanced
Equipment: light hand weights (optional)
Length: 31 mins

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