KICK FIT 5 MINUTE HIIT FULL BODY WORKOUT | Kickboxing workout with Chloe Bruce

This 5 minute booty & legs blaster will make you feel fab and get the blood pumping for sure! Take it at your own pace, kicks at your own height preference and move at a speed you are comfortable with!
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I’m Chloe Bruce, a 4th Dan Martial artist in Korean Tang Soo Do, a multiple World Champion & Stunt women from London, UK. I’ve been a professional coach and trainer since 2003, and in that time I’ve educated and encouraged athletes & actors all around the World to improve their martial arts skill set, flexibility and fitness.
With a mix of 21 day stretching challenges, full body workouts, kick training packages, leg conditioning drills and the opportunity to train with me live online, I would like to welcome you all to the Chloe Bruce digital experience.
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