Kickboxing Workout

Kickboxing workout and squat challenge

This kickboxing workout and squat challenge video combines cardio kickboxing drills and 12 varieties of squats all in one workout. There is no warm-up component added, so be sure to warm-up for at least 5 minutes prior to starting this workout.

There are 12 x 2 minute rounds with 15 sec rest period between every round.
Each round is broken into 4 segments: 30 sec kickboxing drill leading with the left side, 30 sec squat interval, 30 sec kickboxing drill leading with the right side and 30 sec squat interval.
You can use a kettle bell or dumbbell to increase the resistance while performing the squat intervals.

Here is the breakdown:

Round 1: jab/cross/step forward/step back
regular squats
Round 2: Jab/cross/front leg snap kick
jump squats
Round 3: 2 alt hooks/2 alt upper cuts
side to side squat/touch the floor
Round 4: Alt elbow strike/rear leg push kick
squat with alt knee strike
Round 5: Double jab/low elbow strike
4 moving sideways squat left and right
Round 6: Front leg snap kick/rear leg toe tap and touch the floor
Goblet squats
Round 7: Double hook/roundhouse kick
squat and alt snap kick
Round 8: Front leg push kick/rear leg back kick
One leg squat
Round 9: Alt fist strike/4 shuffles
Narrow squats
Round 10: Front leg knee strike and snap kick/4 upper cuts
Sumo squats
Round 11: Double jab/cross/side kick
squat and butt squeeze
Round 12: Kung-fu style round:
Horse stance

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