Kickboxing Workout

Martial Fusion® Kickboxing Cardio Workouts 3-DVD Power Pack Promo

BUY IT NOW! The Ultimate Fitness Kickboxing Workout 3-DVD Set! Burn calories, tone your body and loose weight with this fun, fat-blasting kickboxing cardio pack that includes:

Kickboxing Cardio Dance – This non-stop cardio routine combines kickboxing and dance moves into a fat burning workout that will have you feeling energized and relaxed. This DVD also includes: Form tutorial: Break down the moves you’ll use throughout the workout so you’ll know exactly how to perform each punch and step with proper technique and alignment to help maximize your better body results. Total run time: 69 minutes.

Kickboxing Cardio Power – You’ll never stop moving-or having fun-during this fat blasting, calorie burning session designed to tone up and slim down your entire body and leave you feeling relaxed and energized. Total run time: 56 minutes.

Kickboxing Cardio Burn – This intermediate to advanced level cardio workout is full of non-stop action that will have you punching, kicking and burning major calories to a rock solid body. Get results with this high-energy fat burning session, while building muscular endurance, coordination and tightening your entire body. Total run time: 60 minutes.

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