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Samurai FT Live Experience 2019 | best cardio kickboxing workout experience in New York

Samurai FT Live Experience 2019. a Live event featuring the best fitness presenters in WESTCHESTER New York! plus the best cardio kickboxing workout experience.

Samurai FT is all about inspiring values driven by the martial arts. The core of martial arts is not about fighting. It’s about balance and knowing ourselves! It integrates our mind, emotions, and will to interact with the spirit and body.

About Founder Francisco Sanchez @Pochotrainer
Francisco Sanchez grew up in the martial arts world. He was introduced to a code of ethics: discipline, commitment, and dedication. Practicing Karate his entire life made him realize that there is a lot to learn about mobility and different types of training. After 10 years of exploring and learning the trends in the fitness industry, Francisco created Samurai FT martial arts fitness system. In 2015 he migrated to the United States from his home country of Ecuador with one intention – to inspire others and pass on his knowledge of martial arts & Fitness.

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