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Ultimate 20 Minute Heavy Bag Workout For Muay Thai

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Want to get an intense training session at home or at the gym? Try this Ultimate 20 Minute Heavy Bag Workout for Muay Thai if you want to improve your striking technique and get in fight shape!

This Muay Thai heavy bag workout was made for YOU!

My goal for these ultimate heavy bag workouts isn’t just to get you into fight shape, but also teach you correct Muay Thai training technique so you can become a complete martial artist.

Here is a quick breakdown for what this 20 minute heavy bag workout for beginners consists of:


Round 1:
– Jabs and Teeps
– Jab, Roundhouse
– Cross, Switch Kick

Round 2:
– Left Side Strikes
– Right Side Strikes
– Boxing Only

Round 3:
– Alternating Teeps
– Jab, Roundhouse, Cross, Switch Kick
– Combo Finish W/Check and Kick

Round 4:
– Jab, Lead Elbow / Jab, Rear Elbow
– Balancing Left Teep Drill
– Balancing Right Teep Drill

Round 5:
– Power Right Roundhouse
– Power Left Roundhouse
– Repeat


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