ALMOST 50 YEAR OLD MOM is an inspiration! Muscular fitness model older woman? Farm Girl Flexing!

Some men do not like women to be extremely muscular some like women with very little or no muscle. What do you think?

Farm Girl is a love! She is all about exercise, and flexing her muscles is natural after weight training. Watch this amazing sweet lady just being herself. She is strong and sweet and loving and she is almost half a century!

She has two kids over 21 and she is a little powerhouse. She loves to work out and lifting weights is a part of her regimen. She have never done any kind of competition fitness training but she looks the part. She will soon be in the women over 50 group!

You don’t need to be a body builder, spend all day in in the gym or be on a weight loss program but just have healthy eating and exercise habits and stay very active.