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We’re two weeks postpartum and we’re easing ourselves back into our fitness routine! This is all about creating a fitness plan for our fit mom journey!

I know they recommend six weeks to recoup from pregnancy/birth but I worked out until the day that I went into labor. I’m already dying to go run but I know I need to wait.

Just a days after giving birth I started walking. That is phase one of my fitness plan. I’ve been getting outside for walks almost every day and I feel great! It’s so nice to be outside and to get my legs moving.

A week after I gave birth I started a new fitness challenge. I love challenges and I did them throughout my pregnancy. I had actually started this one the morning before I went into labor but then my man and I decided to restart it the week later. This one is great! It’s a legs challenge and it’s going to get intense!

I’m also adding in abs. It’s essential that you ease in to working your core. There are a lot of great ways to work you core that are low impact and low intensity. Start your reps low when you’re easing back in and up them as you get stronger.

No matter where you are in your postpartum start to ease yourself back into your fitness! This is my fitness plan for our 2 weeks update!

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Fit Mom Fitness Plan: 2 Week Update | BuzzChomp Health Vlog

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